Threats against the lives and limbs of journalists, Radio Sarajevo, Sarajevo, 27.09.2019.


    The editorial board of has informed the public that on September 27, 2019. in the evening a group of hooligans, posing as fans of the Football Club “Sarajevo”, attacked the editorial board and the staff of their portal.

    After a professional check, announced that a fan of FC “Sarajevo” had been sentenced to five years in prison in Belarus for drug possession. This was a motive for group of hooligans to force the portal editor to physically remove the text from the system, and then, under the same threats, he was forced to call other editorial boards of portals and newspapers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also to ask them to remove the aforementioned contents.

    The swift reaction of the Sarajevo Canton MUP led to arresting two suspects in the attack that same night. The acting Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of KS has proposed that the Sarajevo Municipal Court order one-month custody for both suspects for unlawful deprivation of liberty and endangering security.

    However, the judge accepted the defense’s motion to defend the suspects from freedom with a ban on access to media outlets and journalists within 100 meters, so they were released from custody.