Threats against the lives and limbs of journalists, Emilija Marić, Novi Sad, 18/10/2022.

    Država SR
    Ime i prezime Emilija Marić
    Pol Ženski
    Datum 18/10/2022
    Grad Novi Sad
    Tip incidenta Pretnje smrću i pretnje teškim telesnim povredama
    Naziv medija Novosadska televizija
    Izvor UNS
    Da li je novinarsko udruženje informisano? Da
    Pretnje smrcu i fizicke bezbednosti novinara Pretnje smrću ili fizičkim nasiljem licem u lice ili telefonom

    During the protest in Novi Sad where the workers of the Chinese company China Road and Bridge Corporation were prevented from setting up a fence around the future construction site of the new bridge over the Danube in Novi Sad, Novi Sad Television journalist Emilija Marić was physically and verbally attacked.

    In her statement to UNS, she stated that she went that morning with a videographer to film the beginning of the works and added: “I was recording with a mobile phone what was happening, and some of the activists recognized us and the insults started – you garbage, you piece of sh**, you had an unhappy childhood, we will find you. Then one of them approached me, hit me and broke my phone, which hit me in the head”.