Protection of Employer’s Reputation versus Employee’s Freedom of Expression and Protection Privacy: Decisions of the Radio-Television of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina


    Experts for media and media law, Amer Džihana and Mehmed Halilović on the conflict between the protection of employer’s reputation and employee’s freedom of expression and protection of privacy.

    “…When and how much of the behavior of individuals outside of their work obligations has a direct impact on the jobs they perform and when and to what extent does the employer have the right to supervise, control and limit this behavior?

    These questions are not new, because there have always been jobs that did not finish with the end of working hours (army, police, journalism, etc.). With the arrival and development of digital media, these issues are actualized to the maximum and the relationship between the employer and the employees is of paramount importance. In the business world, including media outlets, we find a variety of solutions which are still being debated in various forms and forums…”

    In this paper, two recent decisions of the Radio-Television of the Federation of B&H (RTVFBiH) regulating the behavior of employees outside of working time are analyzed.