The state is helping again: 312,000 euros to the media

Source/Author: SMCG

PODGORICA, 24.06.2022 – State aid to the media in Montenegro continued through the distribution of money to support recovery from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Ministry of Culture and Media, headed by Masha Vlaovic, MA, recently supported 48 media outlets, including 14 local public broadcasters, four daily and weekly newspapers, eight local print media and 22 online publications.

The total budget was 312,000 euros.

In the competition for print media and online publications, in which 162,000 euros were distributed, 52 media applied, most of which were portals – 40. The commission formed by the minister decided, after scoring, not to give support to 12 portals due to limited funds.

In the competition for local public broadcasters, worth 150,000 euros, 14 media applied and all received funds.

With the distribution of money for electronic media, the support of the media from the Fund for Encouraging Pluralism of Media Content for last year was recently completed.

A total of about 530,000 euros was allocated, of which 220,000 to electronic media, and about 310,000 euros to print and online publications.

In addition, the state recently made a decision to help televisions with national frequencies in the form of an exemption from paying a broadcasting fee of around 200,000 euros.