Government Pays Debts of Electronic Media

Source/Author: SMCG
Source/Photo: Foto: Skala radio

PODGORICA, 06.03.2017. – The Government of Montenegro has decided to grant the request of the Broadcasting Center and pay the debts to all active broadcasters in the amount of EUR1.847.189,16, in the name of aid. The press release issued after the government’s session of 2nd March states that this decision was made because they recognized “very difficult operating conditions of all broadcasters in the Montenegrin media scene”.
It was explained that the money would be distributed for 36 monthly invoices, of all active broadcasters (13 local radio broadcasters, 31 commercial radio broadcasters, 3 local and 6 commercial TV broadcasters) that Broadcasting Center provides the service for. How much money will be allocated for the debts and which media will get that help, you can find here.
“Given the importance of media pluralism in Montenegro and with the aim of its encouraging, Broadcasting Center has repeatedly giving support to public, local and commercial broadcasters. In addition to approval of discounts, all broadcasters had been given the opportunity to pay 60 monthly installments of arrears. However, this type of obligation represented a great financial burden for them, and they were not able to regularly pay their regular invoices “, as said in the government statement.
In this year and during the next 4 years the government will approve the “assistance” from the Budget in settling the obligations pursuant to contracts concluded on the use of infrastructure and transmission systems that commercial and local radio and TV broadcasters have towards the Broadcasting Centre.
“To all users of the Broadcasting Center that did not pay their obligations regularly, the owed amount will be reduced by the amount of 36 monthly invoices issued in January 2017. In the event that the amount of the current balance is bigger than the amount of assistance from the Government, the Broadcasting Centre and the beneficiaries shall conclude an agreement on the manner of payment of the remaining debt for this and for the next 4 years. The financial help of the Governments and local commercial radio and TV broadcasters who duly comply with their contractual obligations, shall be treated as a subscription,” is stated in the explanation of the decision, noting that in this way transparency and equal treatment of all users of the Broadcasting Center is ensured.