16,000 seconds on TV Pink for SNS

Source/Author: [:en]IJAS and IJAV[:rs]NUNS i NDNV[:]
Source/Photo: Novi Sad School of Journalism

NOVI SAD, 02.03.2017. – During the past month, Novi Sad School of Journalism monitored daily reporting in the primetime news program of RTS, RTV, TV Pink and TV N1.

When it comes to the length of the statements of the representative of the ruling parties and the opposition, the biggest balance was noticed on the TV N1 and the lowest on TV Pink, the announcement states.

According to the Novi Sad School of Journalism ” the representatives of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) on TV Pink spoke for almost 16,000 seconds or 260 minutes, i.e. in total nine National Dnevnik (National News programme). On February 17, three minutes and 46 seconds of applause to Aleksandar Vucic, without any accompanying verbal content, were broadcasted”