Analysis for the social rights of the journalists from Eastern Macedonia

Source/Author: AJM
Source/Photo: AJM

SKOPJE 23.08.2017 – “The socioeconomic situation of the journalists in Eastern Macedonia” is the latest analysis of the Association Mladinski Klub – Shtip, prepared by the journalists Toni Mihailov, Igor Stojanov and Ivan Bojadziski, within the project “Journalists’ Network for Media Freedom” implemented by the Association of Јournalists of Macedonia, supported by the European Union.

The analysis covers about 60 journalists from the East Region in order to find out the situation in which journalists work and live. The survey focuses on respecting the journalists’ rights in the media in Eastern Macedonia.

Research stories show that journalists in Eastern Macedonia work for minimum wages, without vacations, during the week they don’t free days, and that most of the media do not respect the labor law.

The figures resulting from the analysis are shocking. Almost 80% of the journalists are paid less than the average salary in the Republic of Macedonia. About 75% of the investigated journalists would replace the journalistic profession with another. The Macedonian Television does not have any correspondent journalist in the entire eastern region, while the Macedonian radio has only three correspondents.

Part of the research covered aspects of journalists and the NGO sector, specifically, what can the civil sector do in order to improve the situation with the media and journalists, and vice versa – how journalists can support and improve the civil sector in the country.

You can see the whole research (on Macedonian language) on the following link: Социо-економската положба на новинарите во Источна Македонија