BH Journalists seeking a detailed explanation of the case of removing the interview with dr. Sebia Izetbegović

Source/Author: BHN
Source/Photo: BHN

SARAJEVO, 26.10.2017. – The Steering Committee of BH Journalists demands from Marija Vrankić, BHRT director and the editorial board of this public television to inform the public of the reasons for removing the interview with Sebia Izetbegović, director of the University Clinical Center Sarajevo, which was to be aired on Wednesday evening on BHRT. Since they did not provide any explanation for the reason for not broadcasting this interview, BHRT’s leadership has created room for different, mostly politically motivated interpretations of this process, as well as announcing the censorship of this public television.

The Steering Committee of BH Journalists considers that BHRT’s leadership must offer the public a detailed explanation of the whole case, be more responsive and transparent to the citizen, and respect the public’s right to be informed about matters relating to BHRT’s work, protection of its political independence and professional and ethical principles in creating and editing program content.

At the same time, the Steering Committee of BH Journalists recalls the importance of public service broadcasting at the state level, which will work in the interests of all its citizens, be a breach of political and other manipulation, and an example of responsible and professional work of journalists and editors. In this context, BH journalists give full support to the freedom of expression and the right of BHRT journalists on free and dignified work, which will not be limited in any way and from any center of political and other power.

Steering Commitee of BH Journalists