Four month probation for death threats


PODGORICA, 25.10.2021 – Citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina S. M., who threatened BiH columnist Dragan Bursac and director of the Antena M portal Darko Sukovic, was sentenced to four months probation by the Basic Court in Kotor.

A spokesman for the Basic Court in Kotor, Judge Spiro Pavicevic, told to “Pobjeda” that based on the indictment submitted to them by the Basic State Prosecutor’s Office of Kotor against M.S. for the criminal offense of endangering safety to the detriment of the injured Dragan Bursac and Darko Sukovic, that court rendered a verdict 13th of August 2021, that the defendant was found guilty and given a probation sentence.

This means that he is sentenced to four months in prison and at the same time determined that the sentence will not be executed if the defendant does not commit a new crime within two years from the day the verdict becomes final. The verdict has not yet become final.

On June 4, Montenegrin police arrested and filed criminal charges against BiH citizen S. M., 34, who resides in Budva, for threatening Bursac and Sukovic via social media.