President of the Parliament discussed with SMCG about support to media employees


    PODGORICA, 23.01.2018 – The Parliament of Montenegro as well as other segments of society should support legal solutions that improve economic-social status and rights of media employees. At the same time employees in this sector have to take responsibility and within their media outlets make additional efforts to maintain personal integrity and mutual solidarity in order to be able to act autonomously and with as few professional mistakes as possible – is the conclusion from today’s meeting of the President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Ivan Brajović and the President and Vice-President of the Trade Union of Media of Montenegro.

    Representatives of the Trade Union of Media of Montenegro, on the occasion of the Day of Journalists – January 23, submitted today amendments to the existing legal solutions of the Law on Media and the Law on Electronic Media, which are already in the procedure of the Ministry of Culture.

    At the meeting, modalities for improving the solutions to make the status of employees, especially in private and local media, more adequate to responsibility and maintenance of professional dignity, as well as long-term financial sustainability models for the work of local media, were discussed.

    The President of the Parliament announced the establishment of a parliamentary body that will, within its competencies, contribute to more adequate treatment of the ongoing investigations of attacks on journalists, so that the overall media community in Montenegro would be more secure and could act in accordance with the highest professional standards.