Death threats, Danica Nikolic, Podgorica, 11.09.2022.

    Country MN
    Name and Surname Danica Nikolic
    Gender Female
    Date 11/09/2022
    City / Location Podgorica
    Type of incident Threats against the lives and limbs of journalists
    By whom To journalists by citizens
    Type of media online
    Media name M portal
    Source M portal
    Legal closure Ongoing (or case not closed)
    Judiciary status Ongoing before the Basic court in Podgorica.
    Was journalist`s association informed Yes
    What was journalists' association reaction SMCG condemned the attack.
    Were authorities informed? Case was reported to the police Case was reported to the Prosecutor’s Office Case was initiated ex officio by the Prosecutor’s Office

    The editor of the M portal, Danica Nikolic, reported on September 11 to the Podgorica Security Center that she received death threats sent to her official email address. In this case, the basic state prosecution instituted a case. As stated on the M portal, she received three emails with threatening content, in which, among other things, it is stated that she will be “hanged for example”. Threatening emails arrived from the address [email protected].

    In her statement, Nikolic stated that the reason for these threats was exclusively her professional journalistic work on the M portal.

    The trial began on December 22, 2022.