RTCG repeats the competition for the position of Ombudsman

PODGORICA, 05.01.2021. – The Council of the Radio Television of Montenegro has announced a public competition for the appointment of the RTCG Ombudsman, which is open until January 24, 2021.

The Council announced the same announcement on December 1 last year, but they did not specify why the competition was repeated.

The Ombudsman Institute was introduced by the latest amendments to the Law on the National Public Broadcaster of Radio Television of Montenegro from August last year and implies a new form of self-regulation in the public service.

Pursuant to that regulation, the Ombudsman, among other things, considers petitions and complaints of listeners, viewers and users of the RTCG portal, considers human rights violations and discrimination of any kind in broadcast programs, monitors respect for program principles, monitors citizens’ rights to freedom of speech, rights to media availability, the right to accurate and verified information, the right to deny, make recommendations to the editorial board and represent the mediator between the media and the public.

“The ombudsman will be appointed for three years, and the candidate needs to have at least VII-1 level of education qualification, at least ten years of work experience in audiovisual media, citizenship of Montenegro and residence in Montenegro,” the ad reads.

The deadline for submitting applications with the necessary documentation is January 24, 2021. years until 6 p.m.

SMCG, Podgorica, 05/01/2021