Tito Gubić got seven months imprisonment because of threatning Provjereno reporter

Source/Author: Index.hr
Source/Photo: Dnevnik.hr

ZAGREB, 19.04.2017. – Tito Gubić was sentenced to seven months of imprisonment because he had threatened Ema Branica, the Provjereno reporter on September 28, 2016 during shooting. He told her „You will end like Pukanić“ (National weekly magazine owner and editor killed by bomb). The sentence is now final.

By that the first degree sentence from January 2017 was confirmed in spite of Gubić’s appeal. He asked for psychiatric expertise and to be relieved of court charges due to his poor social status (he lives on social welfare). The psychiatrist found him to be mentally healthy. The court has reduced the sentence from ten to seven months of imprisonment, but he still has to pay 5.474,00 kunas (cca 700 Euros) for psychiatric expertise as he himself asked for it.

According to Nova TV, Ema Branica, Provjereno reporter, found out that Gubić, impersonating a female, signed the contract about life partnership with mentally unstable old man just 1 hour before old man had been transferred to the hospital in state of coma.

He died soon and Tito Gubić became the owner of the house in Dubrava district (Zagreb).